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Hey Everyone!!

I know everyone is probably really busy with Summer Vacations and such, but I just wanted to know how everyone's summer has been going? What kind of things everyone has done.

I just recently got back from a trip to California to visit my friends, and it was amazing. Very fun. Had many sober nights, and some notsosober nights. haha and yes i paid for it..the following day after the notsosobernights..but oh well it was so much fun overall and i dont regret anything!! And then this Saturday I will be leaving for Chicago:] with my best friend Cassie, so it should be pretty fun again! haha. I've been working at Dairy Queen this summer..haha for the days ive been home, which has been few! im surprised they haven't fired me yet! haha..oh well!! yeah soo..

Make a post..or a comment as you wish, just to tell everyone of what you have been doing this summer so far :]

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