rob rude boy (sirtobybelch) wrote in xconfabulationx,
rob rude boy

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these thoughts race around my head

new to here its sunny but am like a monk in front of my modern book the computer.

thoughts sometimes race so fast in my head like they travel on the autoban. my name is rob which means bright fame
i meet a girl two days ago named emerson fileds a very cool name. well the fat cats have won again and now the artic reffuge will now be the fucking last bit of oil to drain for five years while we kill more of the earth for our addiction to oil. i pefer to be sane rather then in this insane world.

dreams someone once told me are the truths we want to happen but can not make real and they are the ifs mabyes of life

well thats all thats running in my head.

on one last note if anyone likes iron and wine, or sufjan stevens they are playing at calvin college in grand rapids mi. 15 dollars for a ticket.
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